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In de aanloop naar de Olympische Spelen in 2012, werd in Oost-Londen een kilometers lange blauwe houten omheining geplaatst rondom het werfterrein van het Olympisch park.
Studio Superniche ontwierp een cataloog van tijdelijke bouwwerken vervaardigd uit de blauwe spaanplaten die de wijken en gemeenschappen rondom kunnen ondersteunen zich hun landschap opnieuw toe te eigenen, gebruik makend van het materiaal dat hen diende uit te sluiten van dit landschap. De ontwerpen verwijzen allen naar gebruik en activiteiten die binnen de afgesloten ruimte niet langer toegestaan zijn.

In 2006, an eleven-mile wide, ten-foot tall blue fence was built around Hackney Wick and Stratford in East London. The thick layers of plywood were painted with a special kind of high gloss, water resistant blue. Andy Beckett from The Guardian called it “the colour of the future.” That future is a temporary city-within-a-city; the playground for the 2012 Olympic park. The blue security barrier was installed for public safety reasons during demolition, and has recently been taken down and replaced with a wire mesh fence.
StudioSuperniche sees this as an opportunity. We are developing an Olympic Legacy Toolkit, the beginning of a catalogue of temporary structures to be fabricated out of the blue plywood, designed to facilitate local occupation of the site post-Games, activate the vacant plots and allow communities to reclaim the vast empty landscape as their own.
Focusing on the niche user-groups of London’s Lower Lea Valley, this collection of urban furniture will populate the site in the wake of the Games. This way the community reclaims what was taken, by using the very material that was used to exclude.
The group has focused on activities which were displaced from the area by the Olympic development, from allotment fields to boating clubs, markets to bird-watching, and designed temporary structures to accommodate and stimulate the return of these uses.

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